"Celeritate Veritas Potentiae" (Speed - Accuracy - Power)

We offer various courses ranging from the Knowledge of the Firearms Control Act - Act 60/2000 applicable to firearm ownership, Basic Handgun, Basic Self-Loading Rifle/Carbine, Basic Manually Operated Rifle/Carbine and Basic Shotgun courses.



If you are already a seasoned defensive shotgunner, the Shotgun Skill Builder is a great way to improve your mastery of your craft and review the skills from our Basic Shotgun Courses.  During this fast-paced course, your will spend the bulk of your time on the firing line, practicing and refining your skills.  After a brief review of the fundamentals, you will move progressively through a wide-ranging series of dry and live fire drills. You will have plenty of one-on-one attention from our highly-proficient training staff, who will fine-tune your performance in every aspect of defensive shooting.

Specialized drills will help you improve efficiency and consistency in everything from trigger control to weapons presentation to recoil management. Timed and competitive events will increase the speed of your shooting and help you learn to perform under pressure.  Finally, the Invictus Tactical Standard Shotgun Skills Test will give you a measure of your skill set and help you decide how best to focus your future training. You will leave with a significantly improved degree of mastery and confidence with your shotgun.  We will discuss real-life scenarios and how to deal with them.

During this workshop, you will learn:  A review of safety, basic weapon manipulation and basic fundamentals of shooting, Review and practice of carrying and presenting your shotgun from the sling, How to improve the speed and consistency of your shotgun presentation, Drills to increase the speed of your shooting while maintaining defensive accuracy, Advanced tips to make the most of your dry practice sessions, Review of shooting positions and tips for more rapid assumption, Review of integrating movement into the presentation, Review of addressing multiple adversaries, Review and practice of malfunction clearances, Plenty of practice of all the skills covered, with personalized coaching from the instructors.

Course entry level:
Completed US ID: 119652 – Handle and Use a Shotgun (Basic level)

Course Requirements:
Semi-auto or pump-action shotgun with sling, 100 rounds of ammunition (buckshot / No. 7),

Course Cost:
R650pp – all participants will receive a certificate for attendance.

For more information on upcoming Skills Builders, please contact Darwin on
071 611 0368 or darwin@invictustactical.co.za


If you have made the decision to licence a firearm in your name for self-defence, it is your responsibility to ensure that you know how to confidently and safely use the firearm. This includes loading and unloading the firearm, stripping and cleaning the firearm, safe-storage of the firearm and its ammunition, how to clear a malfunction, how to properly grip the firearm and of course how to use the firearm without putting innocent lives at risk.  As with driving a car, using a firearm confidently and safely comes with practice. New skills are developed through repetitive behaviour and through building muscle memory and this is what a skills builder is designed to do.  A skills builder gets you familiar with your firearm. It teaches you how to work with the firearm safely and starts to build a foundation of safe handling that, through repetition will become second nature to you.

Skills Builder One covers mastering the basic fundamentals such as: Grip - how to hold the firearm so that it remains securely in your hand and so that once you have fired a shot you can safely and quickly bring the sights of the firearm back on target, Stance - how to stand when firing the gun to give you the best stability, Sight alignment & Sight picture - how to line up the sights on your firearm with each other and the target to ensure that when you take the shot, that you hit your target, Holster work - how to carry a firearm and draw it from the holster fast and efficiently, Reloading and clearing of malfunctions, Shooting at different distances and angles, Skills Builder Two covers more advanced techniques such as: Low light shooting (torch work), Shooting from behind a barricade, Dynamic shooting (on the move), One-handed shooting, Weak handed shooting.  We will discuss real-life scenarios and how to deal with them

For more information on upcoming Skills Builders, please contact Darwin on 071 611 0368 or darwin@invictustactical.co.za


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