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"Gain Confidence Through Training"

Improved accuracy is one of the most significant results achieved from firearm training. At Invictus Tactical, we make every shot count.

About Us

Invictus Tactical is a fully accredited Firearm Training Academy based in Gauteng, serving clients all over South Africa. We offer various courses ranging from the Knowledge of the Firearms Control Act, Basic Firearm Unit Standards for Handgun, Rifles/Shotguns as well as Business Purposes Firearm Training for Handguns, Rifles/Shotguns and Regulation 21 Refresher Training for security personnel.

We are an accredited training centre registered by the South African Professional Firearm Trainers Council (SAPFTC) and we are affiliated to the International Firearm Training Academy (IFTA).

Why Choose Us

In today's society, most law abiding citizens do not realize the importance and benefits of being trained to use their firearms safely. When someone thinks of firearms/weapon training, they think of training that is meant for police officers and military personnel.

People should learn to understand the reason why people in these professions train in multi weapons disciplines including firearm training. At Invictus, we strive to give you the training you require but also to assist you in understanding your firearm and using it in the correct mannner.

Our Vision

Invictus Tactical is dedicated to delivering and presenting professional firearm training and tactical training concepts that will prepare law enforcement officers, other armed professionals (security industry) and citizens to survive and win deadly force confrontations. The Latin words "Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas" are used to express the elements "Accuracy, Power and Speed". In developing and improving firearm proficiency, these elements are evaluated equally thereby maintaining a balance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a transparent environment with high integrity in the regulation of firearms and ammunition used by the South African Population. We will do this by having highly trained, professional employees that will provide a high quality of service to our individual clients, firearm dealers, range operators, trainers/instructors, security companies and other customers.

As part of the national SAQA infrastructure of South Africa, we will also ensure that the integrity and completeness of our database of firearm records are maintained at high standards and will also seek to maintain excellent communication with the other members of the national security infrastructure under the umbrella of the Central Firearms Registry and the National Commissioner of the South African Police Services.

Invictus Tactical will solely make use of accredited training material, as supplied by our lead service provider, that are aligned with the SAQA unit standards which will be presented to the learner in an outcome-based approach with the aim of making the learner completely proficient in the skills and application thereof. Our training courses are aimed at developing everyone from the individual seeking firearm competency, to the security industry and the tactically minded. Our training program's/interventions are of the highest quality, they are affordable and accessible.

Looking for Firearm Competency?

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Law Enforcement and Responsible Civilian Firearm Competency Training

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