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"I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul."

Invictus Firearm Training Academy

"Celeritate Veritas Potentiae" (Speed - Accuracy - Power)

At Invictus we strive to give you the training you require but also to assist you in understanding your firearm and using it in the correct manner legally.

Individual Attention

At our academy each student will have individual attention in a small group environment which will result in less distractions and more focus on the subject at hand resulting in improved speed, accuracy and power.


Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of firearm training is the fact that everyone who learns how to use a gun proficiently, becomes less likely to mishandle it, or discharge it accidentally. Safety is our priority.



Improved accuracy is one of the most significant results achieved from firearm training. By learning how to properly aim and hold a firearm , accuracy will improve. At Invictus we make every shot count.


Recreational shooting is a fun and satisfying hobby.  Learning how to properly handle, care for and shoot a firearm can teach disscipline and stronger hand-eye coordination.  At Invictus, passion is our main focus.

Looking for Firearm Competency

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Law Enforcement and Responsible Civilian Firearm Competency Training


Basic Firearm Training Courses

We offer various courses ranging from the Knowledge of the Firearms Control Act - Act 60/2000 applicable to firearm ownership,  Basic Handgun, Basic Self-Loading Rifle/Carbine, Basic Manually Operated Rifle/Carbine and Basic Shotgun courses.


Business Purposes Firearm Training

We offer various courses for Business Purposes ranging from Intermediate Self-Loading Rifle/Carbine, Intermediate Shotgun, Intermediate Handgun and Intermediate Manually Operated Rifle/Carbine courses.  Contact us for more information.


Regulation 21 Training

Regulation 21 of the Firearms Control Act states that any individual working with a company firearm and already possesses the qualification to use any firearm for business purposes, must undergo an annual assessment.  We can assist with REG 21 training and assesments.



Read what our students have to say about their firearm training.

ASD Security management and staff would like to compliment you on the firearm training you have conducted to our security officers since we partnered with you.  We salute you and really appreicate your excellent work.

Mr Hoffman's presentation of both theory & practical was energetic and informative which is a clear indication of his worth as instructor.  His after sale service was splendid and he ensured we received our certificates personally.

Our Address

52 Olive Schneider Street,
Elandspark, JHB,

Contact Us

Phone: 071 611 0368
082 474 4961